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I did not think it was possible to feel this good again. I was told over and over again that I would just have to learn to live with my pain. My doctors are amazed and have been sending others to you. I am so glad I found out about you.

P.M.Camden, S
How did you do to that? I hardly felt a thing during the treatment and now I hardly feel my pain. This is only the third treatment and it is better than is has been in four years. ​

J.D - Crystal
This was fantasitic! Thank you. Your showed me how to get well. You were honest with me and en- couraged me to engage in the process of finding my health again. Thanks a lot!

L.S. - Settels
I have had acupuncture before by others but no one else has provide relief in such a short time. Your style is much more gentle and you just seem to know where to treat me.

T.P. - S.C.
I have had chronic neck and back pain for 20 years. Treatment has consisted of various options including chiropractic care, orthopedic care and physical therapy. I have used pain medications as well as muscle relaxants. My chiropractor sent me to you, and take four times, and I fell much better. At least, I don't need the medicince for my muscle pain.

D.S. - Bruce
I was in a car accident in 1989, since then, my neck started to feel stiff and have constant pain. Doctors diagnosed me with cervical joint slippage. My symptoms eased after they gave me an anti-inflammatory shot and went through physical rehab. However, my neck and shoulder still have feelings of discomfort, especially during times when the weather starts to get cold or when the humidity level rises. Recently, the left side of my neck became stiff, and I felt pain on my back and upper arm. The longer I stare at the computer, the more severe the symptoms. What irritated me most were that my left thumb and index finger became numb, and occasionally, I’d feel pain and weakness coming from my arm.

Since I’m already 58 years-old, with moderate osteoporosis for many years, I didn’t want to take too much Western medicine or get anti-inflammatory shots, I wanted to find something that’s more moderate. Through a friend, I was able to meet Bill Jiao. The first time when I spoke with him, I felt that he was very kind, patient, and very detailed in checking my current state of health. He also asked about my diet and sleeping habits. Afterwards, I decided to accept his acupuncture treatment for the first time.

During the treatment, he placed two needles on my right leg, one on my hand, and one on the top of my head. Then he told me to make some minor neck movements. And wow! After three or so minutes, my neck felt really relaxed, and the pain reduced by a lot. What surprised me most was that the tingling feeling from my hands disappeared in such a short time. Later, Mr. Jiao prepared some Traditional Chinese Medicine for me to bring back home to boil. And taught me some useful exercises for my neck.

After eight treatments, the symptoms from my neck, back, and hand have all disappeared. I then went on to do a ninth time for consolidation therapy. Although I had to leave for another country, he still taught me some healthy movement exercises, and reminded me to do more neck exercises on a regular basis.

To tell the truth, I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Nowadays, a lot of doctors are very commercialized, they’re becoming less and less caring about their patients. I think Mr. Jiao is a great acupuncturist with a heart!

J. Steven
I’ve had high blood pressure for over a decade now, I’ve been relying on western medicine to help stabilize it. But during the past six months, my blood pressure level started to become unstable. My family doctor helped me changed to different types of blood pressure drugs, but they were not that effective.

Within a day, my blood pressure could vary from 150/92, heart rate 85 in the morning, blood pressure 130/85, heart rate 80 at noon, and 145/90, 87 in the evening. I had feelings of anxiety, and I was afraid I would have a stroke.

Last month, my friend recommended me to go to Natural Care Acupuncture. But I was afraid of acupuncture, so I just asked Mr. Jiao to prepare some Chinese medicine instead. He patiently asked me many questions, and helped me measure my blood pressure, heartbeat, etc.

He prepared for me 3 days of chinese medicine, and suggested that I measure my blood pressure every morning, noon, and evening. Then on the third day, go pay him a visit again, and take both western and chinese medicine one after another, with a 3 hour interval in between.

It’s very strange, on the second day, 3 hours after I took the chinese medicine, my blood pressure dropped to 125/75, and my heart rate was 72. These two months, my blood pressure has never been this good.

During my appointment, I asked Dr. Jiao if I could stop taking the western medicine. He said he does not recommend it, because I had been taking the high blood pressure medicine for over a decade, and because of my age, I cannot just stop doing so all of a sudden.

Recently, I feel a lot better. I still have to take western medicine, but they are steady doses. My blood pressure is stable, and my sleep is very good! Thank you Dr. Jiao!

Mr. Liu

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For a long time, I had a coughing problem. A Western doctor diagnosed it as a chronic windpipe infection. I was coughing on and off, and every year when winter turned to spring, I got a terrible cold with non-stop coughing. My throat was constricted, itching and dry. I wanted to drink water, but I couldn’t drink too much. 

I saw many specialists. I tried Chinese herbs as well as Western medicine, but it always ended up taking from one to two months to heal. Two years ago, a relative took me to Dr. Jiao’s clinic. At first, I didn’t have much confidence in him. Dr. Jiao put one needle in my body and my coughing stopped. He put five more needles in my body as part of the treatment. I felt very good after that. 

When I got up from the treatment, my throat was not itching anymore and not dry. I felt something sticky in my throat. 

I went to him for acupuncture seven times, took herbs for two weeks and my coughing was totally eliminated. Later, I listened to Dr. Jiao’s suggestion to continue taking herbs to build up my immune system. I did this for more than a month. A year has passed and no coughing came back.

Ms. Chen
I thought that acupuncture was just a treatment to stop pain. But after a few treatments, I realized that acupuncture can also cure many illnesses. A year ago, I had a cold and took some Western medicines. But after a week, I had a skin problem. It went away but then returned again. 

The Western doctor said that this problem was caused by allergy. But even though I took the medicine, he gave me it did not stop. So, all this year, I had been using Western medicine to reduce my skin problem but it never completely cleared up. 

Someone mentioned to me that I should consult Dr. Jiao, who had good results. I went to him and he put needles in my thighs, on the back of the ear, and the tip of the ear. At that moment, I had no more itching in my whole body. 

After seven treatments, my itching problem went away. It never came back. The most amazing thing is that every time after the acupuncture treatment, I sweated. I can barely describe how good I felt. Before I seldom sweat, but now as soon as I begin to exercise, I sweat. I think this is normal. I appreciate Dr. Jiao’s help. 

J, Jack​

My child is only a little more than three years old. Six months ago he got a cold, and had a fever. I took him to see a Western doctor and got Western medicine (cough medicine and fever medicine). 

The coughing, runny nose and fever stopped. But every seven days, the fever came back again. Late at night, my child got a fever of 99 degrees F. And his bowel movement came out very hard. He didn’t sleep well. 

The Western doctor couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Through a relative I met Dr. Jiao. Because my child is too young, I didn’t want him to have acupuncture. I just wanted to try some Chinese herbs. 

At the beginning, I was really worried, because my child, after eating the herb, had a soft bowel movement that came out a lot. He had a fever that went up to 102. Dr. Jiao comforted me by saying that according to his experience, this was part of the recovery process. 

He patiently and continuously taught me how to use a natural treatment to help my child stop the fever. He gave me more Chinese herb and reminded me repeatedly that the child needed to drink warm water. 

The same night after he had taken the herbs, in the middle of the night I had to give him warm water. I don’t know what caused the fever, but soon enough, the sickness was cured. I want to thank Dr. Jiao. 

Karen C

I work at a nail store. I am always afraid of getting cold. During the winter, my hands and my feet always feel icy cold. In winter 2010, my two palms were hot and itching. The skin came off. It got more serious and even cracked open. Also, my stomach swelled up and the skin was icy cold. 

I went to see a few famous Western doctors who all said that I had allergy. After I took the medicine they gave me, at the beginning the situation improved. But later, the medicine didn’t work anymore. 

A friend introduced me to Dr. Jiao. Although he explained to me some of the theory of how to use Chinese herbs, I did not understand his ideas. But I was still willing to let him try to heal me, because I had nothing to use because I had already tried so many other doctors without success. If I didn’t solve this problem, I couldn’t go to work. After I took the Chinese herbs, on the second day, the itchy and hot feeling in my palms was reduced a lot. The feeling of my swelling stomach and its coldness also improved. 

When I went back to see him on the fourth day, my hands had improved a great deal. The temperature of my hands was warm, no longer hot or itching feeling was present. So I took his Chinese medicine for more than a month. The problem on my hands never came back, I am grateful to Dr. Jiao. 

Mr. Qu
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